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A Catmas Song for Fancy

Fancy is delighted to have had a Catmas song composed for him by his great love and would be girlfriend, the extremely talented @zobydoby1 (feel free to sing along to the tune of White Christmas):

I’m dreaming of a tabby Catmas

With a certain Fancy Cat I know

His fur does glisten

When he meows everyone does listen

You can hear his yowling from afar.

I’m dreaming of a tabby Catmas

With every Twitter post I write

May Fancy’s eyes shine brightly

and his step remain sprightly

As he steers the Tardis through the snow

I’m dreaming of a tabby Catmas

With finest noms and treats for tea

In Fancy’s kitchen

We’ll munch on chicken

And afterwards watch Dr on TV

I’m dreaming of a tabby Catmas

With tardis rides till late at night

Then when we’re weary

with eyes all bleary

We’ll wander home with paw in paw

I’m dreaming of a tabby Catmas

With all our lovely Twitter pals

Where sleepy kitties

Dream dreams of fishies

And wish everyfur be safe tonight.

Rather overcome

Rather overcome as you can see


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