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B7ZfN-zCUAIjLjp We are heartbroken to discover Facebook is allowing posts of videos depicting animal cruelty. We are arranging a TWEETSTORM on Sunday 25 January at 8pm UK time, so please tweet as much as possible, even one tweet helps, under the hashtag  #FBNOSTANDARDS

Our aim is to get this trending! We will tweet links to petitions which are genuine, but, warning, do not view any of the videos which may be included with some posts. You have to actively click on them so you will not see anything if you just sign the petition.

Request to Facebook to remove Cruelty Video (no video attached)

Petition to Mexican Police and El Manana Newspaper (no video attached)

This only needs a few hundred more signatures to reach its target:

Petition Letter to Mark Zuckerberg (no video attached)




We are sorry to report over 200 cats have gone missing from the Ipswich area.  These are much loved pets, some of which are shown above.  Inevitably their owners are heartbroken. A possible cat serial killer is at large, and the person(s) have to be caught.


Please contact @missingcatseast if you have any information.

A website has also been launched:

Map of Ipswich showing where cats have been snatched:


If you live in the #Ipswich area we would recommend keeping your cats in, as this seems the only safe option at the moment.

And we have recently learnt that over 25 cats have now gone missing from the #Bath (PEASEDOWN ST JOHN) area with further reports of disappearances from #Radstock , #Tilehurst (near Reading) and #Lincolnshire.  So it is probably advisable to also keep your cats in if you live in these areas too.  We know this is a contentious issue, but in light of the recent spate of disappearances, it is the obvious solution.  It may be something we all have to consider.

Something sinister is obviously going on, and we are trying to highlight the issue as some owners may not read their local papers so may still be unaware.  BY BEING VIGILANT AND REPORTING ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS STRAIGHTAWAY TO THE POLICE AND RSPCA WE CAN HELP STOP IT.  We need to make the perpetrators realise they WILL be caught if they persist in carrying on.  And hopefully if we can keep this in the public domain it will deter them if they know a surveillance campaign is in operation.

Please take the time and effort to keep retweeting this post and any comments you wish to make under the #IpswichMissingCats hashtag. This could happen to any of us. Our cats lives depend on us, and we will get them the justice they deserve.

Details of Facebook page and website for #ipswichmissingcats:

Further reports are available on the links below:”>”>

#PanfurSelfie Day

2012-09-22 09.08.15

It has come to Benny’s attention (see link above) the outrageousness of the unpopularity of black cats and dogs, with apparently up to 70%  of animal shelter occupants being of this ilk.  Some are even saying saying that black cats do not photograph well, and are no good for selfies.  This must be put right and anyone thinking this shown the error of their ways!

As a result of Benny has decided to launch #PanfurSelfie day on Sunday 14 September.  Please post as many pictures of your panfur(s) under the hashtag as you wish, especially between 8pm – 9pm UK time hopefully to get #PanfurSelfie trending.  Non panfurs can also partake by retweeting the gorgeous panfurs on show.  Thank you fellow mogs; we are all equal and your time and effort is much appreciated by the panfur community.

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